Retro Tuesdays


Retro Tuesdays are such a meaningful part of each season at the Transit Drive-In Theatre. This year, Retro Tuesdays are celebrating their 10th anniversary at the Drive-In!


May 28th

  Ferris Bueller With Fast Times at Ridgemont High


June 4th 

Lethal Weapon With Rush Hour


June 11th 

Raiders of the Lost Ark With The Mummy


June 18th 

  The Outsiders With Road House


June 25th  

American Graffiti With Dazed and Confused


July 2nd    

  The Breakfast Club With Pretty In Pink


July 9th     

  Jaws With Jurassic Park


July 16th   

  Wizard of Oz With Twister


July 23rd   

  Back To The Future With Back To The Future Part II


July 30th   

  Grease With Dirty Dancing


Aug 6th    

  E.T. With Men In Black


Aug 13th  

Stand By Me With The Goonies


Aug 20th  

  Little Shop of Horrors With Rocky Horror Picture Show


Aug 27th  

  Wayne's World With Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure