Ticket Pricing and Rules



    (12 and over)


    (Ages 5-11)


Second Feature Only
    (available 30 min before start of 2nd feature)


Young Children
    (Ages 4 and under)


Ticket prices and showtimes are subject to change without notice. Special engagement pricing may vary by show and all discounts do not apply.



Drive-In Rules


In order to maintain a safe and fun environment, all guests agree by entering the drive-in to abide by our rules of conduct as stated below, and to answer all inquires of management. Furthermore, it is understood that any guests who fail to comply with any of those conditions, at the discretion of management, will hereby forfeit their right to legally remain on the premises, and will be considered a trespasser.

1. The Box Office Handout Sheet must be prominently displayed at all times on the vehicle's dashboard or front window.

2. Hold on to your admission receipt at all times during your visit to the drive-in. If you are unable to provide your admission receipt when requested, you will be required to leave the drive-in immediately with no refund.

3. No switching screens. Purchasing tickets at the Transit Drive-in permits our guests to view ONLY the movies shown on the screen where their tickets specify. Any guests who switch screens or attempt to view a movie without possession of the proper tickets will forfeit their right to remain on the premises, and will be considered a trespasser. No exceptions.

4. Follow all instructions from parking lot attendants. Any guests who do not fully cooperate with instructions from a parking lot attendant will forfeit their right to legally remain on the premises, and will be considered a trespasser.

5. When necessary, larger size vans and trucks will be required to park in designated areas. Raised hatches must be tied down to roof level, or park further back with the larger trucks and vans, at the discretion of management. ATTENDANTS & SECURITY HAVE FINAL AUTHORITY OF WHERE YOU MAY OR MAY NOT PARK.

6. You may occupy only one spot per vehicle.  It may look like you can't fit two vehicles in between two poles, but you can if you park within two feet of the pole.  Park so the pole is entirely in front of the door to be opened or fully behind so that you will not have damage to your car from a swinging door!  The Drive-In is not responsible for any damage to your car if you hit or ding your door on a parking pole.  Drive carefully to avoid causing damage to your vehicle.  The Drive-In is not responsible if you drive into a parking pole and cause damage to your vehicle.

7. The SPEED LIMIT is 10 MPH. Please observe this for the safety of everyone.

8. Use of obscene language will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the drive-in without a refund..

9. Laser pointers are not allowed at the drive-in. Any person found in the possession of a laser pointer will be immediately ejected with no refund.

10. No cooking, grilling, or food preparation is allowed on drive-in property.

11. No vehicle lighting is allowed while the movies are being shown. Headlights, parking lights, daytime running lights, and all interior lights must remain off. No

12. Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space. If you are sitting outside the vehicle, do not occupy another parking space.

13. Show consideration for the guests parking around you. Do not use loud voices, horns, radios, or any type of sound loud enough to disturb other guests.

14. No same night re-entry after you leave the drive-in. Patrons leaving the drive-in will be charged the full admission to re-enter.

15. Walk to the refreshment stand or restrooms. DO NOT DRIVE, unless handicapped.

16. No cash refunds, no rain checks.

17. No playground use after dusk.

18. For the health and comfort of all Transit Drive-in guests and employees, smoking is strictly prohibited in all parking areas, including the interior of all vehicles in all parking areas, walkways, the playground area, and within 25 feet of any building. Guests wishing to smoke may do so only in designated smoking areas. Designated smoking areas are located on the grass along the outside perimeter of the parking area. Guests who choose to ignore or knowingly violate the smoke-free policy after an appropriate warning will be subject to ejection without a refund.